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Learn about our the Finncy Opportunity

Becoming a Small Business Loan Broker is a rewarding profession by helping small businesses find the financing they require to grow their companies. Finncy will provide the training you need to accomplish your goals and become a top tier business loan broker

We are scheduling interviews immediately for enrollment. Please submit your contact information and resume now! Apply now and start helping entrepreneurs all over the country get the capital needed.

Become a Small Business Loan Broker / The Entrepreneur’s Superhero

Being a small business loan broker is a rewarding profession by helping small businesses get access to different types of financing options that they require to start, grow and expand their companies.

Through Finncy Partners exclusive training, you will get access to all the training needed to launch and become a successful business loan broker in this highly lucrative and ever-growing industry.

By graduating and becoming a Finncy Partner, you’ll get the training needed to accomplish the independence you’re looking for.

By becoming a Business Loan Broker, the benefits are unlimited. You’ll have the liberty to work from home, create your own schedule, and generate an income to support a comfortable lifestyle. Your income will be a direct result of how hard you work and you alone will determine the amount of income you earn.

When you join the Finncy Partnership Opportunity, you are provided with an aggressive compensation plan with tiered commission structures that offers limitless income potential. Our philosophy was to create a brokerage environment that supports and rewards excellence.


Frequently asked questions

What is a business loan broker?

A business loan broker is an intermediary agent between a borrower and a lender. Business Loan Brokers facilitate the financing process offering a wide range of financial loan and leasing services.

The Finncy Partnership Program includes a Certified Loan Broker Certificate, suitable for framing.


Why are business loan brokers important in the financing process?

A commonly asked question is: Why do I need a broker?  Why can’t people just go to the bank?

Most people are not familiar with the financing industry.  They only know their local bank, if they fail to achieve financing with their local bank.  What happens next?  Most rational business owners will find an experienced loan broker that works with many qualified lenders who are more flexible than banks and offer competitive rates.  Brokers also deal with lenders who deal with start-up financing and difficult projects.


What are some advantages of being a Business Loan Broker?

The main advantages to the loan broker business model are:

  1. Low capital overhead

  2. No experience necessary

  3. No inventory

  4. Can work from home or office

  5. No special equipment

  6. Part-time or Full-time

  7. Unlimited earnings potential


Do I need experience in order to become a Business Loan Broker??

We provide all the necessary training to become a loan broker lending professional.  We provide professional easy-to-follow instruction with all the essential knowledge needed to be a successful loan broker.  You can do this at home at your own pace.  It takes about 6 weeks to become certified and complete our award training.  After following our step-by-step instructions, you will be able to negotiate a commercial financing deal in a short time


Where do brokers find clients?

Get the word out!  It is just a matter of letting people know that you have commercial financing programs available for a variety of useful purposes.  As a loan broker, you have to supply many ways to have people contact you with their proposals in placing a variety of loan applications.  You must take time to research each proposal to find the best lender in your network.


What is a small business loan used for?

Small business loans are used for many different purposes:

  1. Inventory Financing

  2. Working Capital

  3. Pay-Roll

  4. Venture Projects

  5. Factoring

  6. Accounts Receivable

  7. Accounts Payable

  8. Equipment Financing

  9. Commercial Projects

  10. Income Properties

  11. Debt Consolidation


Who are the lenders?

The most important part of the loan brokering business is having a wide network of lenders.  We provide you with hundreds of different lending institutions and individual loan products to help your clients.  These lenders are a mixture of private lenders and institutional lenders such as banks, private lenders, non-profit organizations, micro-lenders and many more. 

When loan brokers complete a deal and a proposal gets accepted from a lending institution, the broker is paid a commission that ranges from 2% to 10% depending on the lender and the size of the deal.  Fees are paid by the borrower or the lender depending on how the agreement is written.


As a Business Loan Broker, am I personally responsible for loans that go bad?

No! You are not responsible or liable for any loans after they are funded.


How much do loan brokers make?

This system can easily pay you $10,000 to $40,000 in your first month, $350,000 up to $450,000+ per/year.  This income is made possible by earning sales commission on your part.  Direct Business Lending Agent’s programs are designed to yield amazing income.

Earn substantial fees while helping individuals and businesses solve financial problems.  Learn where the money is and how to get it in seconds!  


What makes a successful Business Loan Broker?

Through the Finncy Partnership Program,  you will be provided all the training and educational information you’ll need to create a successful business loan brokerage and consulting firm.

The main areas or skill sets that need to be mastered are:

  1. Strong lender network

  2. Strong reliable deal flow / Marketing program

  3. Know how to sell the funding

  4. Be an expert at finding a home for all your clients